Asset Based Finance For Private Equity Firms

Duval & Associés have particular expertise in working alongside private equity and professional advisory firms to prepare cross-border, multi-jurisdictional financing options and models

A.B.L. for Private Equity

Asset-based lending is being used more and more as part of the private equity funding mix in deal structures when the target company has significant tangible assets. We specialise in working with private equity, venture capital and professional advisory firms prior to MBO’s, bids, acquisitions and carve-outs, as well as for re-financing and existing contract optimisation. Working with lenders and credit insurance providers in France and across Europe, as well as in the UK and North America.

As an independent broker, our specific expertise is gained from over 20 years knowledge of the market lies. We can identify the best asset-based finance deal for our clients within the context of an existing or future private equity investment and help choose the best provider for the type of business and deal.

How we work

We take a brief and mandate from you, and collate all relevant information on the target company.

With access to the target company’s data room information, we identify the best terms quickly and efficiently and coordinate with all parties involved.

We illustrate the true costs over by providing a comparative analysis that illustrates the competitiveness of different lenders both in terms of rates and additional contract management charges.

Comparative differences between lenders

We analyze your existing contracts, both for operation and costs. We show you potential areas of improvement, and can renegotiate your existing contracts, or even propose new solutions.  For example, some lenders are more specialized than others in dealing with financing sector related specifics and cross-border operations.

All the above can make a crucial difference to your bid calculations.

Why Private Equity Firms like to work with us

  • We eliminate the need for you to spend large amounts of time navigating the vastly differing lender term sheets and avoid hidden costs and uncompetitive rates.
  • We will in most cases secure better terms than you could get yourself and we identify the provider that is best suited for each particular deal or type of business.
  • We understand the complexities of the private equity bid process, and the critical part asset-based financing options plan play in the final offer.
  • We understand the constantly evolving requirement for investors to ensure that all portfolio companies are adequately and efficiently funded at competitive rates.
  • We work with not only the most established lenders, but also the challenger banks

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