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We  provide joined-up solutions for companies operating cross-border in different jurisdictions and legislations.

Locations: Belgium & Norway

Industrial Manufacturer

A spin-off of a Zinc materials production company with €450M turnover. A Private Equity fund tasked us with finding solutions for financing the working capital and put in place credit insurance as soon as the deal was concluded.

  • A €40M million factoring line in Belgium & Norway.
  • A €30M million reverse factoring line
  • Credit insurance for group customers
  • Guarantee against unpaid debts on the subsidiaries (China, US, Singapore, Norway, Malaysia, France)

Toy manufacturing company

The company’s activity is seasonal and our client’s need was to urgently obtain a cash financing line. Key objective to settle suppliers invoices and optimise working capital.

  • Carry out an audit of client receivables history to prepare for Factoring companies tender
  • Manage tendering process and advise on best options
  • Set up a reverse charge factoring line of €400,000
  • Once on the online reverse factoring system, the client invites suppliers of its choice within the credit limits 

Location: France

Locations: France, Spain & Italy

Pan-European Financing

Spin off of a €190M company, one of the leading producers within the PVC compounds industry. The group has different subsidiaries across Europe. The buyer asked us to find pan-European financing solutions

  • Factoring contracts in France, Italy and Spain
  • Guarantee the accounts receivable of the companies of the group
  • Client obtains permanent financing on working capital of €30M
  • Payment guarantee against the client debt of each country

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