Factoring Contract Optimisation

Duval Consulting provides expertise gained through many years of experience of factoring contract analysis to track and improve your financial situation.

Day-to-day management of a factoring contract can show discrepancies between the company’s accounts receivable and your factoring company’s factoring accounting balance. We carry out full financial audits for the purpose of improving working capital. Our ComptAffact® * program optimises the financing of your factoring contract. Over a fixed period we analyse the average levels of financing granted by your Factor, and the total factoring cost to your business.

We re-negotiate with your factoring company to get an additional cash contribution on the factored invoices, a reduction in the cost of factoring, and an improvement in the internal management of your contract. Our tracking and ongoing reporting of your factoring contract will increase your cash availability, reduce your aged debt and minimise your costs.

Our Methodology

We analyse your accounts receivables and suggest the best solution.

We collect the monthly data on your factoring contract: past month turnover, outstanding end of month invoice balances, deductions and accruals, overdue clients, total monthly cost.

We put in place a report tracking the monthly factoring movements by category, using a defined framework.

* ComptAffact®, developed by DUVAL Associes, is a tool for reconciliation and consolidation of the Company's and Factor's outstanding clients.

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